Best and Effective Home Remedies for Toothache

A toothache is a result of the poor dental condition and consists of mild or persistent or sharp, unbearable pain around teeth and jaws. A toothache can be quite tormenting, making our life go topsy-turvy.

Improper brushing strategies, use of bad quality toothpaste, feasting on junk food items, mental stress, and worries result in a bad oral health, and might typically result in a toothache. Tooth problems like broken tooth, oral cavity, dental abscess, and economic crisis or exposed tooth root or nerve endings within the pulp can cause a toothache.


A toothache may also be the result of periodontal gum condition such as inflammation of soft tissues and abnormal bone loss around teeth or conditions of jaw joint like temporomandibular joint. Dental x-rays can help one find the cause of a toothache. An aching tooth becomes very sensitive to cold or heat and aches even more while chewing.

A toothache often might be a sign of sinus, external and inner infection, angina and cardiac arrest. Scaling or removal of plaque deposits, tooth splinting, tooth extraction, dental filling, and root canalling procedures are numerous treatments to combat a toothache.

Home Remedies for A toothache

1. Biting on a cotton ball soaked in clove oil provides the remedy for a toothache.

2. Soaking a cotton ball in a mixture of lemon juice and a pinch of asafetida, and positioning it at the base of the hurting tooth, minimizes pain.

3. A paste made out of 3 tablespoons of grounded black pepper, water and a pinch of salt may be used on the aching tooth to obtain relief. This is an efficient toothache home remedy.

4. Chewing a little onion daily keeps away toothache. Juice of onion damages a toothache triggering germs.

5. Eating raw lime is an efficient home remedy for toothache. Vitamin C abundant lime juice enhances dental health.

6. Juice of wheat turf can act as a reliable anti-bacterial mouthwash, providing quick relief from a toothache.

7. Chewing guava leaves can minimize a toothache.

8. Chewing spinach leaves can also inspect tooth decay and pains.

9. One might put 3-4 drops of vanilla extracts on hurting tooth to obtain immediate relief.

10. Application of the paste of bayberry bark along with vinegar on the cavity of a hurting tooth offers much relief from pain.
11. One may boil 5 grams of peppermint in a cup of water, and consume the water regularly to obtain relief from a toothache.

12. A paste of turmeric and mustard oil, if applied on the aching tooth, offers much pain relief.

13. A preparation prepared by boiling 2 inch Margosa bark, 5-6 cloves in a cup of water, straining then utilizing it as a mouth wash can control a toothache.

14. Chewing of garlic likewise assists in combating against toothache.

15. Rubbing gums, jaws and teeth gently with 3-4 drops of mustard oil added with a pinch of salt can reduce tooth ache and aid to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and jaws.